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Easter Island

Few islands capture the imagination quite like Rapa Nui, located in the remote southeast Pacific. Famous for the mysterious massive stone statues that peer eerily across the barren landscape, bucket listers are drawn to the history, views and archeological wonders.

Hang glide in Rio

Launching off a cliff in Tijuca National Park, an aerial tour blends one of the world’s most beautiful cities with one of the world’s best thrills.

Chile's Atacama Desert

San Pedro de Atacama may be located in the world’s driest region, but it’s also the launchpad for exceptional desert adventures, including a visit to the Valley of the Moon.

Hike the Villarrica Volcano

Strap on crampons and hike up one of Chile’s most active volcanoes, a seismic, physical adventure that delivers hot lava thrills, and the incredible views of Chilean Patagonia.

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