The Hash House Harriers

The Hash House Harriers (or H3) might sound like an alliterative joke, but it is a genuine social phenomenon. With nearly two thousand groups operating in just about every major city worldwide, Hashers come together to run, drink, and be merry. Two things are immediately obvious: Hashers are defined by a bawdy schoolyard sense of humour, and appear to come mostly from expat communities. In this, little has changed from its roots when the first Hashers formed over 70 years ago. On on!

Length of Trip : 2-3 hours, thereafter it might continue at a bar

Cost :
A small fee or "hashcash" is sometimes required to cover the cost of food and drinks.

Best time to go : Events take place throughout the year

Wheelchair friendly : Contact organizers to make arrangements if possible

Family friendly : You must be above drinking age to participate.

Where to eat :
Though the hash is first and foremost a drinking event, depending on which club you race with, food is also covered in the entrance fee.

Official Site :
Visit the World Harrier Organization to find your nearest club and event details
To find the Bucharest HHH club Robin writes about in the book, click here.

Where to Stay :
Budget: Crazy Duck Hotel
Mid-Level: Hotel Caro Club
High-End: Anthanee Palace Hilton

Getting There :
Information regarding where to meet up is distributed by each local H3 chapter once you sign up.

Note from Robin :
Sometimes you just stumble upon things when you travel, like a worldwide running/drinking club so popular it even has a chapter in Antarctica. Joining a hash is a great way to meet people, make friends, and get to know a city. Admittedly, the ribald sense of humour that pervades throughout is not everybody's cup of tea, but if you have a stomach for it (and a sense of humour), you'll take to hashing like a pack to a hare.

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