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Ukraine's Missile Museum

In the early 90’s, a treaty with the United States ensured Ukraine became a nuke free nation. 176 former top-secret nuclear missile silos were demolished, except for one. Welcome to the Toolbox of Armageddon.

Lipizzaners in Slovenia

Amidst beautiful Slovenian countryside, visit the home stable of the mythical white Lipizzaners, revered for their grace, elegance, and royal pedigree.

Berlin Trabi Tour

Trabants were quirky Soviet-made cars that epitomized East Berlin and the Cold War. Today, you can hop behind the wheel and use it as a fun vehicle to discover the sights, sounds and history of Berlin.

Say a Prayer in Norway

It’s a challenging two-hour hike to Preikestolen, also known as the Pulpit Rock, but once you get there, you’ll fall to your knees in praise of the staggering scenic beauty.

Visit Chernobyl

If you follow the rules, a day trip to the site of the world’s worst nuclear is perfectly safe, although it just might haunt your dreams for as long as you live.

Visiting Auschwitz

The threat of genocide is as real today as the barbwire that rusts in the Polish countryside. We visit Auschwitz to learn, to reflect, to mourn, and to ensure it will never happen again.

The Hash House Harriers

Not the potatoes you have with your eggs, nor the sticky illegal marijuana resin. Introducing the Hash House Harriers, an informal, open-to- all quasi-athletic club currently racing in over 178 countries.

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