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Langley Castle Hotel

In reality, King Arthur was likely a grubby, mud-flecked, foul-smelling tribal warlord. But our Bucket List delivers the Age of Chivalry in one of the fairest castle hotels in all Great Britain.

The Mystery of Stonehenge

Who erected these giant, ancient stones in a ring on the English countryside? How did they do it, and more importantly, why? Does Stonehenge belong on the Bucket List? That’s one question we do know the answer to.

Survive the Edinburgh Festival

Every August, the Scottish city of Edinburgh hosts over 2000 artists and half a million people at the world’s biggest arts festival. Just make sure you book ahead.

The Trans-Siberia Railway

7 days in motion, 8 time zones and over 9000 kilometres, this legendary rail adventure has long captured the imagination. Crossing the world’s largest country is a cultural, social and logistical adventure.

Exploring Iceland

Imagine a stark, alien landscape carved by glaciers, dotted with volcanoes and impressive ice-blue waterfalls. The Land of Fire and Ice offers a wealth of natural highlights for any bucket list.

Art Nouveau in Latvia

Buildings adorned with giant futuristic statues? Gothic gargoyles gazing over elaborate facades? With more art nouveau buildings than anywhere else, welcome to the architectural marvels of Riga.

Czech Republic's Bone Church

Here’s a creepy excuse to get out of Prague. The Czech Republic’s Sedlec Ossuary is decorated with the remains of 40,000 skeletons, carefully arranged into wall art and morbid candleholders.

Kayak the Dalmatian Coast

The Dalmatian Coast is romantic and alluringly stunning. A staffed superyacht is a nice way to explore the islands.
For the rest of us, consider a kayak.

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