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The Beaches of El Nido

Crystal seawater lap against limestone cliffs, white powdery beaches, and emerald lagoons dotted with coconut trees. There’s a reason why Jacques Cousteau called this region the most beautiful place he’d ever explored.

Bohol, the Philippines

Offering unique natural attractions (the teardrops of giants! a tiny primate that looks like Yoda!), the province of Bohol also boasts fine beach resorts, a rich history, and fascinating cultural excursions.

Underground in Palawan

A winding road and traditional outrigger deliver you to the mouth of the world’s world’s longest navigable underground river. Paddle inside this UNESCO World Heritage site for a unique cave adventure.

Orangutans in Malaysian Borneo

Borneo, the world’s third largest island, is terrifically exotic. If you’re expecting to find dense jungle, incredible wildlife and natural beauty , you won’t be disappointed.

Trek to Everest Base Camp

The world’s highest mountains cast a long shadow over the bucket list. Let us trek between the mighty summits of the Himalaya, exploring this mythical terrain and the indigenous Nepalese cultures that call it home.

Mount Hua's Plank Path

Hike along the stone-cut narrow paths and steep cliffs of one of China’s holy mountains. When you reach the plank path on Mount Hua, you’ll want to say your prayers.

Volunteer with Elephants

Located outside Chiang Mai in Thailand, the Elephant Nature Park rescues Asian elephants from unscrupulous logging and tourist operations. Visit for a day (or a week) to feed, wash and walk with these gentle giants.

Mount Nemrut

Witness a true bucket list sunrise atop eastern Turkey’s Mount Nemrut. Home to 2000 year old statues of Greek gods, the history and views are unforgettable.

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