What is The Great Global Bucket List?

Having spent the past decade exploring over 100 countries on 7 continents, renowned travel writer and television host Robin Esrock has cultivated a Bucket List to inspire the ages – unforgettable and unique experiences that are a world apart from over-trafficked tourist attractions.

Determined to inspire active and armchair travellers however they consumer their media, the project consists of a beautifully illustrated paperback, this extensive companion site, social media channels, and dozens of original videos.  From the Amazon to Zanzibar,  Robin’s list spans adventure, history, culture, food, festivals and quirky activities.   It is designed to be digested in meaningful yet manageable bites –  inspiring, educating and entertaining as Robin jets around the planet in search of the next great adventure.  Some experiences are definitely not for everybody, but here is a bucket list with something for everyone. 

Crucially, each experience is one that everyone can actually do.  There are no hypotheticals on this Bucket List; no winning the lottery, a Gold Medal at the Olympics, or having dinner with a literary/literary/movie star hero.   Sure, some of these experiences are pricey, but others are free (providing you can get there first, of course).  Infused in every printed and digital chapter is Robin’s personality – a witty, authentic and enthusiastic guide who knows exactly what he’s talking about.  

For a title rooted in the things to do before you die, The Great Global Bucket List is full of wonder, wisdom, and the experiences that make life worth living.

How to use this site

The book is the why.   The website is the how.

Readers of the book will notice that each chapter points them to a unique website address for further information. Since guidebooks are out of date from the moment they’re printed, all the practical information, along with galleries, videos, maps, and more, sit on this companion website.  If you own the book, register with the code found at the front (“How to Use this Book”) and it will unlock all the experiences on the Great Global Bucket List.   For those that don’t own the book, you can still register and access most, but not all of the experiences (you can add the code later if you wish).  If you don’t have the book and don’t want to register, you can still explore dozens of inspirational experiences from around the world, including dozens of exclusive online-only experiences.  Much like the people who tick them off, The Great Global Bucket List will evolve and grow with new experiences too.

Bucket Listers….start your engines!